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Escaping My Demons
'Escaping My Demons' Outstanding Creative Award Winner

Escaping My Demons

This book explains how a child grew up with an aggressive womanising father that constantly reminded his child that he was a mistake that ruined his father's life. 

The father had physically beaten and mentally abused his child who was so desperately craving the love and affection from his parents. Instead, he received nothing but humiliation and sufferance by his father, which eventually

caused a detrimental effect on the child as he grew up believing as he was told: that he would not achieve anything in life. 

The child in question was me and this is my story! 

The story is not just about me... it has been written to also help others that are having or have experienced injustice by their parents, and by giving suggestions on how to survive their ordeal and move on with their lives. 

My name is Joseph Fagarazzi, and my life story begins prior to me being born. 

Escaping My Demons Reviews

Escaping My Demons is a story of Joseph's turbulent relationship with his father spanning decades and countries. As a reader, you are taken to Venice in the 1950s after the war, to then England in the 60s and given glimpses into a childhood of a boy growing up under the shadow of a narcissistic man and a mother who fell into the obedient housewife, reminiscent of those times. You are taken into Joseph's thoughts and memories as he transitions from a child into a man. Just when you, as a reader, feel things are looking up, you are taken to Australia in the 1990s to watch as Joseph is drawn back into the sinews of his family. This is not an easy journey and you find yourself saying "Don't do it, Joseph." It is a story of thoughts and actions and how people are not limited by their past but by their mindset. 

—Nadine Azavedo (NZ)

Great read very compelling could not put it down. Read it in one sitting. You are a good guy, glad that I know you!

—Peter Healey (WA)

When Joseph Fagarazzi began to write a letter to himself to begin a journey of self-healing, he was not aware that years later it would become a unique book with an intention of healing. Fagarazzi discovered the cathartic effect in the heart / mind and emotional world by describing his childhood, Born into poverty in Italy, a bitter abusive father, his mother earning a pittance as a cleaner, it was a harsh toxic environment for any small child. Fagarazzi writes “this book is not of me, it is my past, his one wish to his readers is to raise the bar on abuse in any way or form. The book ‘Escaping my Demons’ is Fagarazzi ‘s road map to the emotional freedom he now enjoys today. Fagarazzi stirs the hearts of injustice, breaking open old taboos once not spoken about, with a strong penmanship he has crafted his story, encouraging others to do the same.

—Kez Wickham St George (WA)

Escaping my demons was a truly heartfelt, yet exhilarating read. I have known Joseph for many years, however I never knew the true extent of his cruel and unjust upbringing. Generally, I am not a novel reader, nonetheless Joseph’s story had me hooked. I wholeheartedly recommend Joseph’s true and sincere story to all.

Michael  Roncio (WA)

Reading Escaping my Demons gave me an insight into how difficult Joseph’s childhood was. Amazing that after all the problems in his young life, which were entirely caused by his father, and to a lesser extent, his mother that he turned out to be a caring, compassionate man. Lovely also to see the credit he gives to his wife Pam, as it is obvious that she was also subjected to cruel treatment from the family. It is a shame that they never managed to have a family of their own, as I feel they would have been wonderful parents. This would be a good self-help book for those who have had a less-than-ideal family life and the proof has shown that in the end we make our own lives and can choose to either be a victim or a winner.

I give it 5 stars!!!

Vicki Ebert (WA)

 Escaping my demons is a raw, emotional insight into a tragic upbringing. Against all odds, Joseph faced adversity many times yet managed to keep moving forward. It takes great courage to tell such a deeply personal story, hopefully his insights can help others with similar stories find strength within these pages. 4/5 star rating

Joanne Colely (WA)

Half star review

EscapingMy Demons by Joseph Fagarazzi is his heart breaking true account of his life post WW2 in Italy. Sometimes it is hard to read the cruel treatment of the young child. As Joseph learnt to cope with his demons he evolved into a successful businessman. 

                                                                                                    Anna Gangemi (WA)

I got this book and could not put it down once I started reading it. An honest and heart breaking read from start to finish. How can any parents be so cruel ? Reading what Joseph went through and still managed to turn into a decent hardworking successful person, who amazingly after it all cared for his parents and sister and loved them is very hard to work out. Obviously, Pam by his side was the love and strength he needed as without her you wonder could he have achieved what he did in his life? You read about people having " Rocks" in their lives Well Pam truly is a rock. How his sibling did not appreciate his ongoing love and care for her is again cruelty and selfishness in itself . A tough but great read about a genuine decent person who did not bow to the awful neglect and lack of family love in his life.I would highly recommend this book ,I give it 5 stars!

.Angela Moran ( Dublin Ireland )

Escaping My Demons was a page turner and so good to read, although sad at the beginning . 

To think a Father could be so cruel , to a little boy that was his son and your Mother certainly didn't help. Very interesting reading about the Fish and Chip shop in London and how hard you worked. So glad of the success you and lovely wife Pam had here in Perth Australia ,in your Men's clothing stores and your real estate business. You did the right thing by walking away from you Father. Good luck for you and Pam in the future. it was great to meet you both.

.Aileen Pumphrey (WA)

Joseph I found your book Escaping My Demons to be both moving and insightful.  To see you endure and grow from your experiences is truly inspiring.  Whatever obstacles have been thrown at you, you have overcome and grown into the loving human being you are today.  Continue to embrace the love from those who have stood firmly beside you especially your wonderful wife and move through your future with your head held high leaving the residue of the last behind . I know that others will benefit from your truths. I give it 5 stars

Anne Senjuschenko (WA)

I have just read "Escaping My Demons" by author Joseph Fagarazzi. It details his life and relationship with his abusive father starting in Italy, then England and finally Australia. I couldn't put it down and read the whole book in a day. I found it very entertaining reading and I would not hesitate in recommending it. I give it a 5 Star review!

James Nott (WA)

I have just finished reading your book, what an inspiring story! It amazed me how much you did for your parents and got nothing in return. Reading how much you suffered so much as a child was a truly heartbreaking read. As a parent myself I cannot understand or comprehend your parent's treatment and the lack of unconditional love. The truly sad thing in all of this is that your parents failed to acknowledge the wonderful person you grew up to be. I cannot imagine how you managed to survive. You come across as a very strong man, determent to make something of your life along with your loving wife Pam. You refused to continue being a victim and I guess enough was enough. That is called self-preservation! Thank you for being vulnerable by sharing your story. I give it 5 Stars

Terri Maguire-Sandford (Queensland)

Escaping my Demons, takes you on a journey of familiar experiences, some close and some at a distance. It is a sharing of strength, resilience, determination and love in their truest forms. Joseph has been courageous through being open and vulnerable on how he came to be who he is today. A man that has looked forward and driven to be the best that he can be. A touching story for others in similar circumstances, demonstrating in darkness there is light and hope. I give it a 4 1/5 stars.

Lara Cassim (Victoria)

Half star review

I give Escaping my Demons a 5-star rating. I found it to be well-written and inspiring especially for those in similar circumstances. I understand that this is the first book he has written, writing it must have been very painful for him to reopen old wounds. In all of this he managed to turn his life around for the better and hopefully he may now go on to write further books. Well done Joseph.

Rachel Muirhead (UK)

Such an honest and confronting story of a brave survivor of an abusive father and toxic family.  The timeline was so descriptive that I couldn’t contain my emotions. Joseph Fagarazzi you are the voice of so many victims who are afraid to confront their demons. Excellent, I couldn’t put it down.

Sandra Maritza Pineda (WA)

I finished reading Escaping My Demons last night, and couldn’t put it down. What a life Joseph had and how courageous of him to still do so much for his family who didn’t deserve his loyalty, many would have walked away, but I know I would have. Joseph, you amaze me with how you managed to go back through your life and go through those awful memories, well done not only to write the book but also successful in all your businesses and being a good husband to Pam. I know your book will inspire readers. I give it 5 Stars!

Shirley Connolly (Gold Coast)

The author was really brave in writing this book. He speaks about his journey from being a traumatic child to the man he is today. It was really emotional and touching, and definitely made me deep the troubles people go through but we know little about.

Ewais Zubair (Amazon UK)

Enjoyed your book, Joseph. It made me realise what a loving upbringing I had but didn’t appreciate at the time. I’m glad you made a success of your life and wish you and your wife well for the future.

I give it a 5 star!

Brian Carroll (UK)

I found reading Escaping My Demons a page turner and an inspiration to others in similar circumstances. It was disturbing to read of Joseph childhood and teenage years ,and even more disturbing of the treatment he endured as an adult from the whole family. I am amazed as to how Joseph managed to persist and find the inner strength to rise from adversity to peace at last.  I give it 5 stars!

Jeanette Griffiths (Perth WA)

Joseph Fagarazzi has bravely transcribed his traumatic and moving life story through his book, Escaping My Demons. This raw and moving memoir depicts Joseph's experiences of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of his father and the emotional scars that followed as a result. Despite such a traumatic upbringing Joseph is proof that you can overcome such adversities and take charge of your life. Praise is to be given to all that he has achieved, all that he has faced and overcome, and for his wonderful outlook on life. This book creates a greater understanding of the long-standing impacts of abuse as a child and offers inspiration to other survivors of abuse. Wishing Joseph every success and happiness in his endeavours as a newfound Author. I give it a rating of 5 stars!

Erin Read (Perth WA)

Dear cousin Joseph, I have reached the end of the book and I would like to say Thank you, thank you for showing a part of your life that I didn't know, Thank you for the strength you have shown both in living the whole situation but also in reliving it by writing it, thank you for the teaching that from this life story remains to the reader, but above all thanks for having had the head and the heart to pursue your good and non-essential instinct dragged by the unhealthy events of your childhood. You are a man of great values ​​and be proud of the fact that if you are as you are it was all the result of your splendid personality. Thanks again . A huge thank you to Pam who has always been close to you like an Angel  5 stars!

Anna Signorelli (Italy Venezia)

Giuseppino, or “Pino” as his grandfather fondly called him, has been through his fair share of struggles in life. Born to a stubborn, argumentative father and a constantly working mother, Pino was a lively child who sought attention and love. His father was not an easy man to deal with. He demanded respect with his fists but had no respect for others. His attitude caused him to be an outcast even in his family and drew him further away from his son. Pino had to deal with his confronting and argumentative nature every day and it has left scars both on his soul and his body. Read about his journey and struggles against abuse and trauma in Escaping My Demons by Joseph Fagarazzi.
Joseph Fagarazzi’s Escaping My Demons is written in a gripping and mesmerizing first-person narrative. I could hardly put the book down once I started reading. Joseph’s parents lived a lonely, secluded, and unhappy life. His mother would say there was no one to trust and yet would not attempt to get close enough to trust someone and his father’s stubbornness and pride alienated him from his own family. His difficult upbringing had a big impact on Joseph. He learned the importance of relationships and learned from the mistakes of his upbringing. His growth has not been easy and he also made mistakes along the way but he also made sure to learn from them. The storyline was mesmerizing and the emotional depth of his story was heart-wrenching. I admired Joseph’s optimism and perseverance; it took a special type of strength to learn and evolve from such difficult trials. This is a life-changing tale of growth and hope. Excellent work!

Jessica Barbosa                 

5 Star Review

Escaping My Demons is a work in the autobiography, true stories, and social issues subgenres. Penned by Joseph Fagarazzi, it is best suited to the mature adult reading audience owing to themes such as mental and physical abuse and trauma recovery. In this harrowing tale of overcoming years of childhood torment, we meet Fagarazzi as a little boy plagued by the horrifying behavior of his father. Told repeatedly that he is worthless and the cause of his father’s ruined life, this bruised and beaten child grows up in an inspirational tale of bravery where he faces his demons to heal and be a better man than his father could ever have been.

 Stories of childhood abuse are often difficult and harrowing, and Joseph Fagarazzi’s story is no exception when you consider the intense trauma his aggressive father caused which had lifelong repercussions. Fagarazzi’s talent lies in the delicate balance between being raw and bravely honest about his experiences but also delivering a tale that reminds you he survived it all and there is light at the end of the tunnel. As the narration builds and the little boy grows up with so much pain in his heart, we follow an incredible battle and positive transformation that will be sure to help those who have been in similar situations or had feelings they may never amount to much. Overall, Escaping My Demons is a powerful tale of overcoming the very worst that life can throw at us. I highly recommend it to fans of memoirs and autobiographies everywhere.

K.C. Finn                         

5 Star Review

Escaping My Demons by Joseph Fagarazzi is a heartbreaking memoir about surviving domestic violence and mental and physical sexual abuse. Fagarazzi shares his journey in life and the injustices he experienced as a child and teenager because of his parents. Fagarazzi was constantly insulted, humiliated, and beaten by his abusive father as a little boy. He was always reminded that he was an unwanted child. He recounts how difficult it was for him, a young Italian kid to move to England, change schools, move to different suburbs, and try to make friends as well as adapt to learning a new language. He also tells how difficult it was for him to live and survive in an abusive, non-loving relationship and how he overcame the pain and suffering caused by his own family. 
Escaping My Demons by Joseph Fagarazzi is a deeply authentic, courageous memoir of trauma and healing. Fagarazzi's life story may be heartrending, but it is also triumphant. He is a real inspiration to those who are still battling their demons, trying to handle adversity, and cutting family ties. I agree that friendship can sometimes be more important than family relationships. This story is a powerful invitation to heal and find happiness and inner peace, but not by forgiving, excusing, or justifying abusive behavior. It is for anyone who felt unwanted and unloved as a child; for victims of family abuse who endured insults, humiliation, pain, discrimination, and misery. It is also for parents to acknowledge the trauma and the physical and psychological damage they might be causing their children and to change their ways. All survivors will see a part of themselves in Fagarazzi's story.

Emma Megan                   

5 Star Review

Escaping My Demons by Joseph Fagarazzi is essentially a story about overcoming adversity in the face of child abuse. Growing up in Italy he had an abusive father and at times an abusive mother. The story follows Joseph all the way to Australia in the hopes of finding a life for himself, something he will discover doesn’t come easily. Working in various department stores, he soon finds a passion for menswear. He meets his wife Pam who changes his life forever, finally teaching Joseph the meaning of unconditional love. However, his father tests his patience, and they are almost pushed to the brink. A brush with cancer changes him but also pushes him further to make a success of himself.
His father’s brutal verbal assaults are damaging and threaten the relationship he has with his sister, driving the relationship far beyond what either of them can handle. He perseveres to become the boss of his own store and proves his father wrong. This is a story about the human condition and how you can break free from the bonds that hold you tight. This story will stay with you long after you have read it and Joseph’s way of telling it is remarkable. Escaping My Demons is a real triumph of the human spirit.

Escaping My Demons by Joseph Fagarazzi is an in-depth look at what life is like growing up in an abusive home. He shared with us his story of triumph over his abusers and how he overcame all the obstacles in his life. His brush with suicide is a deep wound that takes years to heal. His wife Pam is his only escape from the harsh realities inflicted upon him by his parents. There is also a self-help section in the book about how to deal with abuse and how you can change your thinking. I found that to be very helpful. From the inside, he tells us a deep story of pain and hurt but also a story of victory. Not to be missed.

Anelynde Smit                  

5 Star Review

A powerful story of growth, transition, and life choices, Escaping My Demons by Joseph Fagarazzi is an account of his life in which he shares his experiences of the pain and the hardship he endured while growing up. Born not long after the Second World War to young and unwed parents, Joseph was subjected to a lot of abuse and hatred by his insecure father, with a mother who barely protected or defended him. Through the years of growing up, he was neglected, traumatized, and brought up under extremely poor living conditions, as a result of which he still suffers from asthma. Although Joseph dropped out of school and started working from a very young age, he made a better life for himself through hard work and persistence. Pursuing his dreams, getting his degrees, finding love, becoming a multi-millionaire, accepting himself, and letting go of his past, Joseph's journey is overwhelming.
In Escaping My Demons, Joseph Fagarazzi sets out to expose and raise awareness of the mental, physical, emotional, and psychological trauma that a child goes through because of bad parenting. All his life he tried to connect with them, irrespective of the treatment he had received. Was it his fault that resulted in him being treated the way he was? Was it his choice to be born? Joseph explores the unexplained in his memoir and provides insight into his world of pain and abuse. Joseph eventually found the answers as to why his parents could never love him the way they did his sister. Joseph has done a commendable job with his writing style which reflects his state of mind in a simple but raw manner. In many instances, he used subtle humor to highlight the post-war reality, which involved poor living standards, domestic violence, and a rise in crime. It is an emotional and thought-provoking read. It will help victims of parental abuse to connect and understand the consequences of their life choices and find inner peace.

Ananya Hazarika                 

5 Star Review

I have just turned the last page of your book and have read it the last line. It's an amazing reading, although, the sadness of what you had been through during your childhood and teenage. I conclude with rating your book with five stars PLUS I think you deserve it all.Ciao a tutti voi!

Claudio Centazzo ( Italia Venezia ) 

Escaping My Demons da l’autore Joseph Fagarazzi è assolutamente da leggere tutto d’un fiato!Un libro intenso, che tratta un tema complicato di cui è difficile parlare,soprattutto in prima persona. Consiglio questo libro perché leggendolo pagina dopo pagina non riuscivo a smettere,coinvolgente e sconvolgentemente vero! Merita 5 Stelle.

Elvi Vio (Venezia Italia) 

Escaping My Demons dall’autore Joseph Fagarazzi è un Bellissimo libro autobiografico tradotto in italiano consiglio vivamente a tutti di leggerlo complimenti Pino.
Do una valutazione di 5 stelle.

Sabrina Dabala (Belluno Italia)

I have just completed reading the book “Escaping my Demons” by Joseph Fagarazzi.  I believe that this is a very important book for everyone and anyone to read, as it underlines who we spend our time with and who we are in association with and how it can affect your life.  Congratulations to Joseph on a well written memoir about how you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. In conclusion you can choose your family, depending on how they make you feel. Well done my friend, I give it 5 stars ️️️️.

Ryan Thompson (CEO @ Real-estate Brilliance - Mount Pleasent, WA)

When reading a story this heartbreaking, it’s hard to accept this story is searingly true… I got through it by reminding myself that Joseph is here to tell the tale, and seems to have a great life now, making real change so that more people don’t have to live stories like his own. It’s a look into the darker. Helps you to understand the sheer differences in everyone’s lives and how you never know what a person has gone through and lived through.

Gina Stamper (Good Reads News)

So many great takeaways from this book and I’m so happy I took the time to read and absorb all of the gems found. The transparency of the author as he recounts his life, personal failures, triumphs, and continued drive to succeed truly makes this a must-read for any go-getter out there! If nothing else, by the end you will definitely feel inspired.

Samantha Turley (Good Reads News)

Joseph Fagarazzi has an incredible way of writing. This is written in an open and honest way with many lessons and real life scenarios. I kept feeling more inspired and motivated the more I read his book. It was real, authentic, enjoyable, funny, and interesting read.

R.K. Emery (Good Reads News)

I bought your book Escaping My Demons, read the entire story Joseph, and must say I found it so captivating, I couldn’t put it down for long- just had to find out what happened next. Such an engaging journey I travelled with you all the way. We made it through regardless and we so much more appreciate better days these days. Thank you for sharing! I give it 5 stars

Regine Anderson (Queensland, Australia)

Top Review from the United States!
A tragic yet rewarding memoir. Hearing others stories of life's journey always has a silver lining. Reading Joseph's story and family history reminds us how important it is to learn and move forward. An extremely well written novel! A true must reads. 5 stars.

Patrick Greenwood - Multiple Award-Winning American author and podcaster

(California USA)

Dear Joseph, I read your book, I was moved by how you were treated by your parents. I understood your suffering and despite this you had the strength to write a good book to free you from your nightmares and to help those who have suffered the same fears as you. Thank you! You deserve five stars

Gianna Signorelli (Venice, Italy) 

Escaping my Demons is a confronting read but you must not let that stop you. The author,Joseph Fagarazzi writes with a humility and vulnerability that permits the reader to relate to his fascinating, harrowing story.  I was captured from the first page but it wasn't until the last few chapters that I finally relaxed.  Not only does the writer eloquently invite us to experience his life, he offers us solutions and advice to ensure we don't fall into similar behaviour.  Further, his wisdom points to guidance we can all offer friends and colleagues who may be struggling with the behaviour that shaped the character of this author.

As I say It was such a great read , and I read and write a lot. I give it 5 stars without a doubt.

Stew Darling (New Zealand) 

I’m not an avid reader but I couldn’t put this book down. An incredibly powerful story that really moved me. A true test of resilience and a thought provoking true story. I give Escaping My Demons Five Stars

Anna Slayford ( Perth WA) 

Award Winning Non-Fiction 'Joseph Fagarazzi'
Award Winning Non-Fiction 'Escaping My Demons'
Award Winning Non-Fiction
Joseph Fagarazzi - American Writer's Awards Finalist 2023
'Escaping My Demons' Best Non-Fiction Book of Spring 2024
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