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Joseph Fagarazzi

Joseph Fagarazzi was born in Venice, Italy on the 7th of September 1951. 

His life story is based on his strength and persistence at surviving as an unwanted and ridiculed child by biased parents. 

In the late 50's, he was placed in a Convent by his parents, while they immigrated to London, England. 

Joseph Fagarazzi - Author

With the help and support of his uncle (his father's older brother), it was decided that it was time he should be reunited with his parents and sent him packing to London. The year was 1960 and Joseph was 9 years of age. 

Growing up with a cruel, passive-aggressive father that would constantly ridicule and belittle him, Joseph remained optimistic about his life. His belief is that hardship and knockbacks can sometimes make you stronger by driving you forward in order to survive. 

Joseph got married to his Australian wife in the Paddington registry office in 1977 and had just enough money in his pocket in 1978 to pay for the flight to immigrate to Australia. Since his arrival in Australia, he has managed various clothing stores and in 1985 he went on to own his own store. This eventually lead to open up 3 stores in the period of 22 years. During this time, he has also tried his hand as a property developer and successfully sold units and villas but has retained 4 as rentals to this day. 

In 2006, he sold his clothing business and the same year pursued a career in Real Estate achieving a Diploma of Property Services and a Certificate IV  in Property Services. 

Joseph is a self-taught artist and since retiring in 2015, has now regained the passion to continue as well as finding the time to write a book on a subject he feels strongly about. He hopes it will help others who have had a similar upbringing to him

Joseph Fagarazzi
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