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Hi, my name is Joseph Fagarazzi.

I am the author of Escaping My Demons. This is my first blog that I have written on my website.

I wrote my book to help others survive a similar upbringing as I did. For a grownup or a child to be physically and mentally abused by others has a devastating psychological effect.

The emotional pain, for some will be carried through for the rest of their lives and this should never be accepted as the norm.

Do not allow this to happen to you!

This is not the norm and should not be allowed to continue.

I would like to hear from victims like myself that read my book and followed through with some of my suggestions. Nothing would make me happier than to hear and knowing that some of my suggestions have helped other victims to move on with their lives to greener pastures.

The constant bullying and physical abuse endured by a narcissist individual is something that should never be allowed to happen and if it does, it must be stopped immediately.

Kind Regards, Joseph Fagarazzi

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