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Escape Your Demons and Live the Life You Deserve

Joseph Fagarazzi
Escaping My Demons


Escaping My Demons

ElegMeant Title

Elegant Title

Elegant Title

Escaping My Demons

My name is Joseph Fagarazzi and my life story begins prior to me being born.


This story is not just about me... it has been written to also help others that are having or have experienced injustice by their parents, by giving suggestions on how to survive their ordeal and move on with their lives. 


For more information, please click here.  

Escaping My Demons -  Award Winning Non-Fiction Book
Escaping My Demons -  Award Winning Book
Joseph Fagarazzi - Award Winning Author

Joseph Fagarazzi

Joseph Fagarazzi was born in Venice, Italy in 1951. 

His life story, and his book, Escaping My Demons, is based on his strength and persistence at surviving as an unwanted and ridiculed child by biased parents. 


Learn more about Joseph and how his life journey took him to living in Australia, here. 

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